Thursday, October 11, 2007

Happy Aidilfitri!!!

I would like to wish all muslim a Happy Aidilfitri which is only about 2 days left. Although it is a festive season, please do take care of yourself and your family either while driving, cooking, or decorating the house.

When you are driving, please follow all traffic rules and speed limit to ensure that you will arrive safely to you destination. Make sure you are also well rested and have enough drink to prevent any accidents. Don't be to eager to go back to see your family although i know it'll be a lot of fun once you are there. As they say, better late then never...

Cooking, it a major cause of fire to occur at home. I know during this Aidilfitri there will be a lot of cooking everywhere and almost all the time. So, to ensure we all would still have a home to celebrate Aidilfitri with, remember don't leave your cooking or kitchen unattended for too long. Make sure all the electrical appliances are in good condition, wiring not expose, proper plug and connection, wire not trailing across the floor to prevent tripping.

Make sure also, while hanging those beautiful decorations and lights, to always use proper tools, use good and firm ladder standing on firm ground, keep all equipment in proper storage when you are done, clear all obstructions on your pathways, don't block the entrance/exit (of course you would want the guest to come and go easily, especially when they are going..hehe).

Those are a fews simple things that you can do to make sure you and your family have a very pleasant Aidilfitri this year without any mishap or misfortune. Lastly, Happy Aidilfitri to all and remember...Safety First...rendang, lemang, and ketupat second...hehe


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