Thursday, August 30, 2007


Neither the company nor your co-workers are your mother! What do we mean by that? When you were young, your mother had to constantly remind you to pick up after yourself. As an adult you have the responsibility to clean-up after yourself, even though there are times when reminders are still needed.

Housekeeping is a very important part of your everyday job. Not only does it improve the overall appearance of the shop or work area, it shows that you take pride in where you work. Perhaps most importantly, good housekeeping is strongly linked to the prevention of accidents and injuries. The best way that you can help keep your work place clean is to pick up after yourself! Don’t leave it for the next shift or another craft to worry about.

Here are some reasons to keep your work area clean:

1. Lack of clutter and debris will reduce slip, trip and fall hazards.

2. Increased production. You will have less wasted time looking for a misplaced tool or critical piece of material. Putting your tools away after you have used them, means you will always know where to find them everytime a task requires them.

3. If someone unfortunately falls because of materials you left on the floor, you would (and should) feel guilty for being a causal factor in the accident.

4. Clutter and piled debris create a potential fire hazard. Removing unneeded combustibles from the work area reduces this hazard. No one wants to lose a job, and a fire stops the company from doing business.

Here are some tips to maintain a clean work area:

1. Plan the job. Make a list of the needed tools and materials. This will help minimize unnecessary clutter around your work area.

2. Develop a routine habit for cleaning up at the end of the shift, or periodically during the shift.

3. Keep your tools put away. This allows them to found quickly when needed, and keeps them in better condition.

4. Don’t eat, drink or smoke in the work area, not only because of litter problems but also because of hygiene concerns—contaminated food can make you sick.

5. This is not an all inclusive list. The point is, take responsibility for yourself and your work area!

Remember, a clean work area improves your safety and helps improve production too!


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virtualwebworx said...

It is important because Housekeeping is the external impression among all businesses or families. Without it you would not have any cleanliness, upkeep and hygiene in the org.

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